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Guidelines for Submissions

Janus Head follows APA guidelines for its review process (peer review).

In general, Janus Head editors and reviewers look for works which speak to the Janus Head attitude of "respect and openness to the various manifestations of truth in human experience and the fostering of understanding through meditative thinking, narrative structure, and poetic imagination." Janus Head is an interdisciplinary journal that places emphasis on the intersections among literature, continental philosophy, phenomenological psychology, and the arts. Our board welcomes the submission of innovative work from authors and artists who take risks to create fruitful dialogue among the disciplines of the academy.

CRITERIA FOR ESSAYS: Submissions should be no longer than 10,000 words. Works should be typed and double-spaced. Format requirements: APA or MLA styles (footnotes should be placed at the end of paper). Your essay should include a brief abstract (120 words or less). Also include a brief biography for the contributors page, should your paper be accepted. Make sure to include all relevant contact information, including a permanent e-mail address. Email submissions will not be accepted!

CRITERIA FOR SHORT FICTION, CREATIVE NON-FICTION, & POETRY:   Please include cover letter, short biography, and correspondence information. Fiction should be double-spaced, no longer than 9000 words (about 36 pages or shorter). Poetry should be typed in the format it is intended to be printed. We publish less than five percent of unsolicited material. One copy of the work is sufficient, no discs, nor SASE, but email address for word on final decision.

If your submission does not follow these guidelines, it will not be reviewed.

CRITERIA FOR ARTWORK: We are seeking artists for submissions of portfolios to feature in the journal. Electronic images are the preferred formats. TIFF images of at least 300 dpi are required for print. Please email the editors if you have any questions.

1. Essay and poetry submission materials will not be returned.
2. Upon the acceptance of your paper, Janus Head reserves the right to use your work for promotional purposes, anthologies, etc. However, you are welcome to publish your work elsewhere as you see fit.
3. Contributors will get a complimentary hard copy of the issue in which their work appears, as well as access to an electronic PDF file of their article for distribution.

Fill out my online form.

Allow at least 3-6 months for the review process and editorial decisions.

Janus Head
uses a peer-review process. Typically, these reviews are "blind," which means the reviewers are not aware of the identity of the authors. However, in the case of special issues, guest editors (who are aware of the identities of the authors) do make final decisions about the acceptance of papers. In the first stage of the review process, the author is notified of the receipt of his or her submission. Typically, the author should receive notification of receipt within a month of his or her submission. If you do not receive notice, you are welcome to inquire with the editors via email. Once you receive notice, the work is submitted to two or more reviewers for blind review. When the review process is complete, the editors will send an email to the author about the status of the submission. Based on the comments of the reviewers, the editors determine whether the submission is appriopriate for the journal and/or special issue and whether the work is of the quality necessary for publication. If the work is deemed inappropriate for the journal and/or issue, editors typically make recommendations for more appropriate venues. If the work is deemed to require further work prior to publication, the editors will provide the author with recommendations for revising the submission for future publication. Work that is accepted for publication will receive notice as soon as possible. Upon acceptance, work enters the copyediting phase of the process. Authors of accepted work receive a galley proof of their work before it goes to print, and they are given an opportunity to make any last minute corrections.


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