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Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology and the Arts

Special Issue: Magical Realism

Janus Head is actively seeking contributions for its tenth issue to be published in March 2002 (5.1). The topic of this issue is "Magical Realism," to be guest edited by Bainard Cowan, Professor of Literature, Louisiana State University. What specifically is this movement, "Magical Realism?" From the works of such authors as Garcia Marquez, Allende, Morrison, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Italo Calvino, Pelevin, Chamoiseau, and Rushdie, and films such as Breaking the Waves, Comedie Infantil, Ugetsu, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, there is a motion away from the common linear perspective of reality towards a world-view that undercuts the traditional empirical, rational tenets and embraces not only holistic patterns of reality, but the chaotic and unexpected manifestations of human experience as well. In this vein, questions of faith, salvation, and devotion arise, as well as the identity and formation of the individual within the community through meaning and experience. Magical realism also responds to or correlates with the explosion of technology and the birth of cyberworlds, cultural interface and the seeds of planetary culture, quantum effects and black hole cosmology, and textualization and language theory. Themes and motifs of magical realism include the otherworldly power of things in the world, storytelling, the sacred, tradition and the breaking of tradition, generation, transformation, metaphor and lyrical language, the alien and other. We are considering essays, poetry and fiction, commentaries and explorations in film, art, and reviews, but are also seeking multimedia projects, translations, transcriptions, interviews and non-traditional contributions. The editors suggest that potential contributors review past issues of the journal and the criteria stated below in order to obtain a sense of the journal's spirit, style, and interest. The deadline for submissions is December 1st, 2001.

CRITERIA FOR ESSAYS: Submissions should be no longer than 9800-12000 words (may be shorter). Works should, of course, be typed and double-spaced. However, there is no format requirement (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.) due to the HTML conversion of word processing documents. In terms of content, the work should speak to the *Janus Head* attitude of "respect and openness to the various manifestations of truth in human experience and the fostering of understanding through meditative thinking, narrative structure, and poetic imagination." Special consideration is given to any work which:

a) emphasizes a qualitative, rather than quantitative approach to any research phenomena,

b) successfully attempts a cross disciplinary approach to the research topic,

c) either via theory or methodological approach, speaks to the current continental philosophical crisis, and

d) involves a creative and unique approach to the research topic.

CRITERIA FOR SHORT FICTION & POETRY: Submissions should be no longer than 9800-12000 words. Short fiction should be typed and double-spaced. Poetry should be typed in the format in which it would be printed. Special consideration is given to any fiction and poetry that speaks to the human condition in our current cultural and historical milieu. We advise you to browse through works of past contributors on our website before you decide to submit your own work. Our selections of poetry tend towards those whose language is fully fleshed, but succinct, lyrically poignant, and skillfully rendered.


We are seeking artists to submit portfolios to feature in the journal. Photos, slides, and/or electronic images are the preferred formats. Please email the editors if you have any questions.

Persons interested in submitting essays and/or short works of fiction should send a SASE, along with a hard diskette (PC format is preferred, but not necessary) to:

Janus Head
PO Box 7914
Pittsburgh, PA 15216-0914

We do not accept essay submissions via e-mail.

Poetry, if 300 words or less, may be sent via e-mail to: poetry@janushead.org

Authors should include their e-mail address and full postal address. Please allow six to eight months for editorial decisions.

Artists are encouraged to submit their artwork, in any format, on diskette, along with a SASE, to the above address. However, photos and slides of artwork will also be accepted.