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Philosophical Counselling and the Unconscious

Edited by Peter B. Raabe

This book addresses the topic of the unconscious from three different perspectives: philosophy, clinical psychology, and personal mental health. It is therefore relevant to a variety of individuals, such as students and philosophers studying philosophy of psychology and philosophy of mind, and students and practitioners in the field of mental health for whom the formal definition and description of the unconscious has undergone radical changes.  More...

ISBN 0-9713-6712-4 / Paper / $19.95


Ways of the Heart: Essays Toward an Imaginal Psychology

by Robert D. Romanyshyn

with a preface by Robert Sardello

"Each of the essays of this book explores the intracacites of the currents of the heart, developing the vocabulary for soul's own voice rather than the speaking for soul that characterizes most psychology. The life of the soul in this book shines through the intersecting labyrinths of phenomenology, depth psychology, and poetry. Perhaps the most important of disciplines for this work is phenomenology because it assures that our author never falls into theorizing about the soul but is committed to letting the inner qualities of the things of the world speak for themselves. The fundamental tenant of this book is that we are here to learn to listen..."  More...

ISBN 0-9713-6711-6 / Paper /$14.95


Mirror and Metaphor: Images and Stories of Psychological Life

by Robert D. Romanyshyn

with a new afterword by the author and a new foreword by David L. Miller

"Romanyshyn explores the assumptions regarding person, others, body, and world, that are the cornerstones of scientific psychology, and he compellingly dissolves these in terms of the metaphors of our cultural history. In doing so he articulates the irreducibly metaphorical character of psychological life and opens the possibility of a phenomenological depth psychology. This little book is a classic in phenomenological psychology and metabletics; it is essential reading for anyone concerned with the meaning and direction of psychology." -- Roger Brooke, Duquesne University  More...

ISBN 0-9713-6711-6 / Paper /$14.95

Jung and Phenomenology

by Roger Brooke

Fromm's Legacy Reconsidered: Essays in Culture, History, & Psychoanalysis

by Daniel Burston

Joy and the Politics of Emotion

by Brent Dean Robbins

The Legacy of R.D. Laing

Edited by Daniel Burston, Brent Dean Robbins, Victor Barbetti, & Claire Barbetti

Goethe's Delicate Empiricism

Edited by Craig Holdrege, William Bywater, & Brent Dean Robbins

The Metabletics of God

by J.H. van den Berg

Addiction: Interdisciplinary Studies

Edited by Jonathan Diamond & Brent Dean Robbins

Magical Realism: Interdisciplinary Studies

Edited by Bainard Cowan, Victor Barbetti, Claire Barbetti, & Brent Dean Robbins

Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts

Brent Dean Robbins, Editor-in-Chief
Costica Bradatan, Senior Editor
Robert Gibbons, Poetry & Fiction Editor

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