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Gary Mesa-Gaido

Series One
D.V.F. #18b

D.V.F. #10

Kaleidoscope Series #16
Series Two

#1-4a (Detail)

#1-4a (Detail)
Of his sculpture, Gary Mesa-Gaido writes:

They are 3-dimensional, geometric forms made of wood and painted with encaustic. Some pieces question the ideas found in the Fibonacci number series, the Golden Section, and human systems in general. With this body of work, I try to show how modernism has separated the two worlds of art and science and distorted their relationship. These pieces explore dualities, such as creating structured patterns on forms but arranging them in a completely random manner. I incorporate ideas about Chaos Theory, contradicting the static structure and order of human systems through the use of random selection and chance. The fundamental concept behind Chaos Theory is that everything is unpredictable and uncontrollable. The ideas for this work grows out of this "new science," as well as post-structuralism, fractal geometry, non-Euclidian math, non-Platonic science, postmodern culture, and work by people such as Foucault, Mandelbrot, Gleck and Hawking."