Animated Sculpture by Uwe Schmidt-Hess

About the Artist

Uwe Schmidt-Hess was born in Neubrandenburg, Germany. He studied architecture in Weimar, Oxford and London and has worked in architectural practices in Europe and Asia. Currently his field of interest is the creation of spaces which embody intuition, experience and sensation, establishing conversations with the mythical side of architecture. Schmidt-Hess has won prizes in design competitions and his work has been featured in several exhibitions. He has also been the recipient of numerous scholarships by the German Academic Exchange Service, German National Merit Foundation, and the Carl Duisberg Society. He current lives in London, where he is working as an architect and teaches at Greenwich University.

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Melancholic Machine

 Melancholic Machine

The melancholic machine is an animated sculpture. It is the operator for the investigation of shifted spaces—spaces which exist beyond the boundaries of the physical world. These are soft, liquid, elastic spaces extending from the actual into the virtual realm and vice versa ignoring our modes of categorization. Themes as duration, time, extension, and juxtaposition are discussion. The operation is not to examine objects but the changing relationships between them as this is the only thing we ever can know.

Schmidt-Hess' scuplture is part of a larger work, titled "Vagrant Geometry," which will be made available with our next issue of Janus Head (Summer 2006), in conjunction with Schmidt-Hess' philosophy behind the work and video capturing his work in motion.