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Winter 2004 | 7.2
7-2 Cover

Open Issue


(PDF 49 kb)
Brent Dean Robbins


Fetishism and Bad Faith: A Freudian Rebuttal to Sartre
(PDF 255 kb)
Christopher M. Gemerchak

Singing the World in a New Key: Merleau-Ponty and the Ontology of Sense
(PDF 155 kb)
Ted Toadvine

Elemental Sonority: Heidegger, Hölderlin and Thunder
(PDF 198 kb)
Stephen B. Hatton

Evil and the Ritual of Shame: A Crime Against Humanity in Bosnia-Herzegovina
(PDF 147 kb)
Keith Doubt

The Loss of Language, the Language of Loss: Thinking with DeLillo on Terror and Mourning
(PDF 222 kb)
J. Heath Atchley

Launching the Hydrapolemic: The Mythological Encounter with Polemic as Concept
(PDF 331 kb)
Kane X. Faucher

Violence and Heterogeneity: A Response to Habermas' "Between Eroticism and General Economics: Bataille"
(PDF 295 kb)
Apple Zefelius Igrek

Descartes in the Matrix: Addressing the Question "What is Real?" from Non-Positivist Ground
(PDF 172 kb)
Gilbert Garza

"God is dreaming you": Narrative as Imitatio Dei in Miguel De Unamuno
(PDF 186 kb)
Costica Bradatan

Painting in the Expanded Field
(PDF 127 kb)
Gustavo Fares


Gestures in Waiting
(PDF 53 kb)
Robert Vivian

The Philosopher
(PDF 106 kb)
Aaron Parrett


Desert Flesh and Iron
(PDF 165 kb)
Nat Hardy & Julian Grater

Vignettes in Stone
(PDF 102 kb)
Anita Lundberg & Jean Weiner


Three poems
(PDF 38 kb)
Ewa Lipska (translated by Margret Grebowicz)

Sonnets to Orpheus 1.2
(PDF 26 kb)
Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by Rick Anthony Furtak)

Six poems
(PDF 86 kb)
James Deahl

Six poetry translations
(PDF 49 kb)
Ouyang Yu

Three poems
(PDF 43 kb)
Robert Gibbons

Three poems
(PDF 38 kb)
Jnana Hodson

Five poems
(PDF 54 kb)
James Hoggard


The Current State of the "Question of the Animal"
Review of Zoontologies: The Question of the Animal
Edited by Cary Wolfe
(PDF 59 kb)
Reviewer: Fareed Awan

Restoring Life to the Treatment of Madness
Review of History Beyond Trauma
by Francoise Davoine & Jean-Max Gaudilliere
(PDF 53 kb)
Reviewer: Pam Leck

Sex of the Soul: Transsexual Identity Development
Review of Transsexualism: Illusion and Reality
by Colette Chiland
(PDF 58 kb)
Reviewer: Nadine Vaughan

Caught in the Net and Dreaming Lucidly
Review of Connected--Or What It Means to Live in the Network Society
by Steven Shaviro
(PDF 61 kb)
Reviewer: Andrew J. Felder

"The rest is jelly"
Review of Wetwares: Experiments in Post-Vital Living
by Richard Doyle
(PDF 59 kb)
Reviewer: Gavin Miller

A Passionate Embrace With Thought Itself
Review of Intimacy or Integrity: Philosophy and Culutral Difference
by Thomas P. Kasulis
(PDF 78 kb)
Reviewer: Alan Pope

Bodies and Thinking in Motion
Review of Body and World
by Samuel Todes
(PDF 84 kb)
Reviewer: Tom Strong

Classifications of Dissociation: Bridging Disciplines to Understand States of Consciousness
Review of Mind Over Mind: The Anthropology and Psychology of Spirit Possession
by Morton Klass
(PDF 53 kb)
Reviewer: Angelina Baydala

Does Anyone Really Know What Time Is?
Review of Are We In Time?: And Other Essays on Time and Temporality
by Charles M. Sherover
(PDF 57 kb)
Reviewer: Steven J. Hendlin

Culture and the Western World
Review of Thresholds of Western Culture: Identity, Postcoloniality, Transnationalism
Edited by John Burt Foster, Jr. & Wayne J. Froman
(PDF 52 kb)
Reviewer: Van Yu


(PDF 135 kb)


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