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Matthew Ziff

Building Shutters

Layers of Wall

Pink Boat in Mud


Square Window

Stone House with Boat

Yellow Umbrellas

Artist Statement:

The photographs in this portfolio represent visual elaborations upon discoveries in and encounters with the built environment. These discoveries and encounters revolve around a search for meaning in the built environment. Meaning in these images concerns the visual expression of connections between physical and social history and patterns of daily use. These patterns of use, over time, produce worn and expressive surfaces that may reveal construction systems that speak of methods and materials employed to achieve a sometimes long forgotten end. Color and form contribute to the cultural identity and sense of belonging that individual places exhibit as a central characteristic of their existence until intervening forces impose upon them an anonymity, through standardization or neglect. Form, color, pattern, qualities of light, materiality, and surface texture are the messengers of meaning that urge me to create these photographs.