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David Allen was awarded the Colorado State University Alumni Association’s “Best Teacher” award in 2000, and was subsequently recognized for outstanding teaching in political science by the American Political Science Association. He has recently been elected to a second term as Vice Chair of Faculty Council at Colorado State University.  His most current published work is Environmental Injustice in the United States: Myths and Reality, coauthored with James P. Lester and Kelly M. Hill (Boulder, Colorado: Westview P, 2000). His previous work has focused on adoption of everyday policies in the American states, small group behavior on state supreme courts, and the activities of women state supreme court justices. His poetry was featured in Janus Head, issues 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, and 3.2.

Michael Arfken graduated in the Honors Program from Southwest Texas State University in 1999, where he earned his B.A. in Psychology.  He served as a teaching assistant for various courses in the Psychology and Philosophy departments and was nominated as an Outstanding Senior in Psychology.  Currently he is preparing for the Graduate Record Examination and subsequent entry into a doctoral program.  He lives in Austin, Texas.

Dylan W. Brock earned the M.A. in Literature at Southwest Texas State University.  His interests include American Literature, especially the study of Melville, and independent film.  He lives in Austin, Texas, where he works as a technical writer.

Stuart Dalton currently teaching in the School of Humanities at Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg. His main interests are contemporary continental philosophy and its 19th century roots in Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. Comments on his article in this issue may be sent to his e-mail address: sxd43@psu.edu.  Homepage: http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/s/x/sxd43/

Frank Edler teaches philosophy at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha and has written articles on Heidegger and politics for Research in Phenomenology and Social Research, among others. He has taught at The New School for Social Research, New York University, and Adelphi University and is currently writing a book on Heidegger and radical classical philology in the 30s. He resides in Lincoln, NE, with the poet Mary K. Stillwell and their two children Wil and Anna.

Christopher Frost received his Ph.D. in Psychological and Interdisciplinary Studies at Boston University, where he studied under renowned philosopher–psychologist Sigmund Koch and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel.  Currently, he is Professor of Psychology and Director of the “SWT in England” program at Southwest Texas State University.  A former Fulbright Scholar and Senior Lecturer (Bucharest, Romania), he has written books and articles that cross both disciplinary and cultural boundaries, most recently, Simone Weil: On Politics, Religion and Society (London: Sage Publications, Ltd., 1998).  He is currently working on a book, The Microethics of Moral Sadism, the subtext of which analyzes the structure of self-deception. His e-mail address is: frosty@swt.edu.

Robert Gibbons has work currently in: Conspire http://www.conspire.org ; The Drunken Boat http://www.thedrunkenboat.com/ ; Linnaean Street http://www.linnaeanstreet.com/ ; pith http://www.pith.net/ ; Recursive Angel http://www.recursiveangel.com/index1a.htm ; Slow Trains http://www.slowtrains.com/  & Tatlin's Tower http://www.tatlinstower.com/ .
Work is forthcoming in Cauldron & Net http://www.studiocleo.com/cauldron/index.ht ; Evergreen Review http://www.evergreenreview.com/ & In Posse Review  http://webdelsol.com/InPosse/ . His sixth chapbook of poems, This Vanishing Architecture, has just been published by Innerer Klang Press @ InnererKlang@aol.com .

Claudia K. Grinnell was born and raised in Germany. She now lives in Louisiana and teaches English at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Her poetry and her fiction have appeared in numerous print and on-line zines and anthologies. In the Spring of 2000, she was awarded the
Southern Women Writers Emerging Poets Award. Her first book of poetry Conditions Horizontal is going to be published later this year.

Lars Iyer teaches Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, United Kingdom and has published several articles on contemporary European philosophy. He has a special interest in the work of Blanchot. His e-mail address is: lars.iyer@chorlton.com

Roger Jones teaches in the MFA Creative Writing program at Southwest Texas State University. He is the author of one book, Strata, and his poems have appeared regularly in journals for the past twenty-five years. He presently has poems in Red River Review, 2Rivers, and the Oklahoma Review. He is the poetry editor of the online literary journal, Ceteris Paribus.

Norm Levine has published work in a number of journals including California Quarterly, Cornstock Review, Laurel Review, Crosscurrents, Atlantic Review, Tendril, Third Eye, Beyond Baroque Magazine, ART/LIFE, among others. One of his poems was also included in the 1988 edition of the Anthology of American Verse and Yearbook of American Poetry.  In 1989, Letters to the Same Address, a book of poems in dialogue with his wife, Peggy Aylsworth, was published by Momentum Press, followed in 1995 by a second book, Along These Lines. He is currently serving as co-director of the West Coast Poets and Writers Forum.

Christopher Mulrooney was born in Athens, Georgia in 1956. He has published poetry, fiction and translations in Frank, Elimae, Nimrod, Shampoo, The Burning Bush, Renditions, The Brooklyn Review, Fire, Woodwork, among others

Michele Reese studied at the Universities of Southern California, Southern Mississippi, and Missouri, where she received her doctorate in 2000. She has work in current or upcoming issues of Lake Effect, Paris Review, Reed Magazine, and other literary journals. She teaches at Auburn University.

R. Flowers Rivera is a Mississippi native with a Ph.D. in African American literature and creative writing from Binghamton University.  Her short story, "The Iron Bars," won the 1999 Peregrine Prize. She was a 1999 finalist for the May Swenson Award for Poetry, the Naomi Long Madgett Award for Poetry, and the Paumanok Award for Poetry. She has received a grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts. She is an  Assistant Professor of English at University of the District of Columbia. She has had over fifty poems accepted for publication in the following journals: American Poets & Poetry, Anteup, Anthology, Artemis, Artisan, The Baltimore Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Brownstone Review, Cold Mountain Review, Columbia, Confluence, Dogwood, Eratica, Evergreen Chronicles, The Iconoclast, Jabberwock Review, Janus Head,  Karamu, Lummox, New Stone Circle, Obsidian II: Black Literature in Review, Obsidian III, Papyrus, Sliding Moon Press Literary Magazine, The Southern Review, Tempus, Touchstone, Urban Spaghetti, and Xavier Review.

Stewart Sadowsky is an adjunct professor of psychology at Duquesne University and a psychologist in private practice. Receiving his Ph.D. from Duquesne in  1984, he has pursued an abiding interest in philosophical anthropology and its applications to clinical practice, psychopathology, and the psychology of religion. He is presently translating works of Antoine Vergote that are pertinent to his research interests, and is collaborating with Wilfried Ver
Eecke on an anthology of psychological approaches to depression. Correspondence may be addressed to Stewart Sadowsky, Ph. D., 4716 Ellsworth Avenue, Suite 101, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

M. Michael Schiff is a doctoral candidate in the interdisciplinary Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought at York University in Toronto, Canada.  He co-founded the website SPoT < http://www.yorku.ca/spot > in 1997, from which j_spot the Journal of Social and Political Thought < http://www.yorku.ca/jspot > devolved.  His research and publications are in the areas and intersections of semiotics, abjection, nations, feminist theory, sex and gender studies, and intersexuality, and invariably involve the work of Julia Kristeva and Mikhail Bakhtin.  See also  http://www.mMichael.com

Antoine Vergote holds doctorate degrees in philosophy and theology, is an emeritus professor at the University of Louvain, and is a psychoanalyst on the training faculty of the Belgian School of Psychoanalysis of which he is the co-founder and past president. After receiving his graduate degrees from the University of Louvain in 1954, he continued his education in Paris where
he studied with Levy-Straus, attended the lectures of Merleau-Ponty, and completed his analytic training under the direction of Jacques Lacan. His extensive publications span multiple disciplines including psychoanalysis, hermeneutics, philosophical anthropology, linguistics, theology, cultural anthropology, and phenomenology. Correspondence may be addressed to Professor Antoine Vergote, 3000 Leuven, H. Hooverplein 5, B.

Ouyang Yu, originally from P.R. China, holds a doctorate in Australian literature from La Trobe University, Melbourne. His works have been widely published in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, in such journals as Overland, Meanjin, Imago, Meridean, LiNQ, Antipodes, Agender, and Kunapipi, among others. His work has also been featured in various anthologies, including Influence, Fathers in Writing, Sharing Fruit: An Anthology of Asian and Australian Writing, and Australian Mosaic: An Anthology of Multicultural Writing.  Moon over Melbourne and Other Poems, his first collection of English poems, was published by Papyrus Publishing in Melbourne in 1995.  His second book of poems, Songs of the Last Chinese Poet, was published in 1997 in Sydney by Wild Peony Press and shortlisted for the 1999 N.S.W. Premier’s Literary Awards.  He is now writing his fifth book of poetry with the working title, The Wor(l)d in Exhile, and a novel tentatively titled Loose.

Matthew Ziff teaches interior architecture at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio. His areas of interest include design philosophy, design process, aesthetics and the role of materials in the expression of ideas in the built environment. Mr. Ziff taught in the interior design program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for ten years prior to coming to Ohio University in 1998. Mr. Ziff is an architect by education, training, and practice, received a Master of Architecture degree at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, in 1980, and a BA in philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1974. Mr. Ziff has received numerous awards for photographs he has exhibited over the past three years. He is married to Katherine Kendrick Ziff, and they have a twelve year old son, Matthew Benjamin Ziff, who possesses and displays a luminous joy.